Welcome In!

Hello! I’m glad you’re here!

This page has been about a month in the making ever since I finished my DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM Newcastle. Over the last month I’ve been doing a lot of processing and praying regarding everything that had happened before, during, and now what will happen after DTS.

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Tauranga, New Zealand

Over the course of our time in New Zealand we were able to see more practical ways of living out our faith. This included folding/tagging clothes, staying up all night handing out meat pies and hot drinks to people on the street, leading worship in a prayer room, moving lots of dirt for a community garden, doing maintenance, and running a coffee shop for the church who was housing us.

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Lautoka, Fiji

Fiji was one of the best locations that we went to. We spent the most time in Lautoka, worked alongside other ministries, and did ministry ourselves. Before leaving on outreach, we all had a feeling that our third location was going to be the “culmination” of sorts, for our DTS, and it was. It seemed like most of everything that we learned during the first three months of lectures, and the experiences we gained in the other locations took effect in Fiji. I know for myself the time in Fiji really fleshed out the spiritual self discipline that He had been growing me and teaching me over the last 4 years.

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

In Coffs Harbour, Australia we did a lot of evangelism in nearby malls and shopping centers. There were a handful of other ministry opportunities including dressing up in clothes from a thrift store to launch more clothes from said thrift store into a crowd of youth, spending an afternoon in a retirement home, join a men’s group with guys from all over the world, and worship on a beach that led to a meal at a stranger’s home.

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DTS Outreach

During outreach our school used what we learned, our giftings, and knowledge of God to reach out and make God known. Our outreach locations were Coffs Harbour, Australia, Tauranga New Zealand, and Lautoka Fiji. We were introduced to many lovely people, were able to see God work in and through us, and we broke through personal barriers with all of the evangelism in Coffs and Fiji. Outside of ministry we never had a dull moment with our fun group. We had lots of laughs, a few tears, and lots of time to sit down and talk about all He was doing in our lives.

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Getting to Australia

Here is the story of how I made my way to the land “Down Under”; going from a college student studying Engineering at ACU to doing mission work across the world. I have made many decisions that have been what the Lord suggested, and others that came from me thinking that I knew what was based. The four years that I loosely outline here have grown me in so many ways. I would not change any of those decisions or anything I had to go through.

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DTS Lectures

Over the course of the 6 month school that I was a part of in April 2019 there were two sections; lecture and outreach. YWAM’s mission statement across the globe has always been to “Know God and Make God Known”. The first three months consisted of lectures that allowed us to examine what we know about God, possibly learn new things about each subject, and evaluate all of those ideas against the Bible; knowing that God never contradicts Himself and that Scripture is the living Word of God.

All of these sections were focused on seeing what the Bible said about God, learning how to live like Jesus, and how to demonstrate that to others.

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