DTS Outreach

During outreach our school used what we learned, our giftings, and knowledge of God to reach out and make God known. Our outreach locations were Coffs Harbour, Australia, Tauranga New Zealand, and Lautoka Fiji. We were introduced to many lovely people, were able to see God work in and through us, and we broke through personal barriers with all of the evangelism in Coffs and Fiji. Outside of ministry we never had a dull moment with our fun group. We had lots of laughs, a few tears, and lots of time to sit down and talk about all He was doing in our lives.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Over our time in Coffs Harbour, Australia we had many opportunities for evangelism, youth work, working in a retirement home, a men’s group, and worship on the beach. We had a few stories of healing, and many times where we broke through our fear of man to talk with and pray for seemingly random people in evangelism.

Tauranga, New Zealand

New Zealand was an area where I struggled a bit. Most days were dreary, and we were indoors for most of the ministries. We had many opportunities to see what it was like to come alongside other ministries. We were able to work at a thrift store who offered counselling to young families, an overnight ministry serving the homeless as well as people at bars/pubs, and frequently led worship at a local YWAM center.

Lautoka, Fiji

Fiji was a place of great breakthrough for many of the students on our school. Over the 4-5 months leading to our last outreach location, the Lord had really planted seeds in our hearts that came to fruition here in each ministry we took part in. We were able to serve the local YWAM base, went into the community almost every day, ministered to people of different religious backgrounds, led a bible study in the house of an indian taxi driver, helped a church in a remote village have three days of teaching at a local church, and attend a Planetshakers concert a few days before we returned to Newcastle, Australia.

Overall outreach was a blast! We met so many people, saw God touch the hearts of many people through our service and ministry, and grew as individuals in our walk with Christ. Not one of us had the same experience, but all of us would tell you that it changed our lives.

In the next few posts I will be talking more about each location as well as the ministries that we were part of. Thanks for reading!

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