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This page has been about a month in the making ever since I finished my DTS (Discipleship Training School) at YWAM Newcastle. Over the last month I’ve been doing a lot of processing and praying regarding everything that had happened before, during, and now what will happen after DTS.


Before DTS, I had a very limited knowledge of missions, and even less of ministry. During the time I had studied engineering at Abilene Christian University I worked at a retreat center where I learned ministry through service, building on the servant leadership I had learned from being in Boy Scouts. During that time and before a service at the local church I attended, I heard the Lord tell me “coffee ministry”. From there I was very confused as I had been studying Engineering in west Texas for a year and a half which did not make any sense in my mind for there to be any logical path into business with coffee, let alone any ministry associated with it due to my lack of knowledge. I was still planning to graduate, begin my career, possibly get my master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering, buy a house, and start a family. That all changed in the summer of 2017 when I was trying to make a decision of going back to school or doing an internship at the retreat center I had been working at for the last summer and a half. A decision between taking the obvious “next steps” or try to pursue this idea of coffee ministry in the best way that I knew.


With that decision on the table, I decided to take it straight to God since I had no clue what I would do. After asking Him, I heard tell me “come home” in the same way that I had heard coffee ministry a year before. Now the decision was between my logic; how I thought life was going to work out, and following what I would have called, at that point a thought and feeling of assurance that I had encountered only once before on a ministry event where I started walking out my identity from God. From that moment on, I decided to start running with God and only go where I knew He was going to be leading me.

After that summer I made one of the hardest decisions I had ever made; I left behind a rocking church community, a position in Resident Life at ACU, and moved home with no clue what was next. Within the first month of being home I told God “I’m only going to be here for a year, and then I want to run into all that You have for me.”, and gee was that a powerful prayer. A few days later I saw an article about jumping in to all that God has for you with missions at YWAM, and I took that as Him giving a subtle hint to do a DTS. So I planned out the first year to get a job, find a home church, and save up enough money to begin school and pursue a DTS. But I wanted confirmation so I asked Him to bring it up again before I made the decision to definitely do it. It wasn’t until November of 2018 that two YWAMers came into my life and I was reminded of the prayer and promise to go after DTS upon a confirmation. At this point I had already raised enough money through my job at Starbucks to go through the college achievement program or do a DTS, so upon another ministry opportunity coming up to show me I wasn’t sure about what discipleship looked like, I decided to go after the DTS to see what He had in store for me.

What’s Next

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